Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dayli has a new baby brother!!

I got an e-mail from Sharon at Mayan Families tonight that my sponsored child, Dayli's, mother had a healthy baby boy on December 22nd! Here is the e-mail that Sharon sent to me tonight along with pictures of Dayli's new baby brother!!

Dayli's new brother. He is 20 days old today. The birth went fine, mother and son doing well! The mother was so surprised and happy to know that you had been asking about her and that you were concerned. She was so happy that I was sending this photo to you,
kindest regards,

What a Christmas miracle!! And look at those healthy chubby cheeks!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dayli Receives Her Christmas Tamale Basket!

I am just so excited that I found a picture of my little sponsored child, Dayli and her little sister Fristy (on right) with their mother receiving their Christmas Tamale Basket from Mayan Families!

After meeting this sweet family, I feel such a strong connection to them and cannot wait to go back to visit with them in 2008!

I also notice in this picture that her mother is still pregnant with her baby. She told me when I was there that the baby was due December 10th. So, they should be expecting their little Christmas miracle any day now. Sharon tells me that most of the births in San Jorge are home births assisted by a midwife. Very rarely do they go to a hospital, only if complications arise and by then it is usually too late. Please pray for a safe delivery and a healthy baby for Dayli's mother, Regina. Sharon has promised to check in on them for me and will let me know when the baby arrives.

Love and FROG!


Friday, November 30, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Natural Beauty of Guatemala

The volcanoes were absolutely stunning!!! You just can't imagine waking up to such beauty each and every day! Catherine, Kelly and I were talking that the view from their sponsored children's (Juan Armando's and Lesby) homes would be million dollar views in anyplace but Guatemala!

On the road to Panajachel looking out at Lake Atitlan

The GAFI gang - Julie, her mom Marie, Pam, Kelly, Catherine, Rena, Sarah

This awesome waterfall along the road to San Jorge

This is the view from the school yard... takes your breath away!

Here are those million dollar views from the top of San Jorge looking down at Panajachel from Juan Armando's and Lesby's homes

See that boy only inches from the ledge? I was having panic attacks with him standing there until I told him to "venga" after I saw him in the picture...

And, in case you are wondering... yes, that is a very high cliff that I risked life and limb (with my fear of heights) to go to those beautiful babies homes... it was so incredibly worth it!!

Windows and Doors - Glimpses of San Jorge

I love doors and windows... they speak volumes to me and are quite interesting when you think about them, they are your first impression of the place you are entering... these were amazing to me! As we walked through San Jorge, some doors were closed and some were open. In the middle of such poverty, the beautiful colors that adorned some of the homes were symbols of such pride and hope to me.

This little guy was watching us leave out the window of his home... so precious!

Catholic Church

At the center of the village stands this breathtaking church... it is filled with beauty and grace, serene and tranquil...


LOVE to see the beautiful smiles!